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Beyond Fashion: Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From the UV Rays That Contribute to Macular Degeneratio

Jun 24, 2024
Beyond Fashion: Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From the UV Rays That Contribute to Macular Degeneratio
As the weather warms and the days get longer, sunglasses aren’t just a fun accessory. They also help you protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, which can contribute to vision loss.

Living in Hawaii means that we don’t see a huge temperature swing between summer and winter. There probably aren’t many heavy sweaters or thick-soled boots to stow away now that we’ve officially reached the summer season. Even so, with June here, you might be making some wardrobe changes.

We’d like to recommend one. Anytime you’re heading outdoors, add a pair of sunglasses to your outfit. This eyewear can add a stylish flair, sure, but that’s not all it does for you. The right sunglasses provide a layer of protection between your eyes and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. And this can help you protect your vision through the years. 

That’s why here at Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates in Aiea, Hawaii, we offer a wide range of sunglasses that are both functional and fashionable. With brands from Maui Jim to Tom Ford, we can help you find the right pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while suiting your style. 

If you need extra motivation to add this accessory this summer, it helps to understand how UV rays impact your vision. 

The sun, UV rays, and macular degeneration

You might already know that the sun’s UV rays can damage and prematurely age your skin. The same applies to your eyes. Chronic UV exposure can age your eyes faster, leading to a variety of problems like cataracts. But while cataracts are treatable, another age-based eye condition largely isn’t. 

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in people over 50. And since UV rays age your eyes faster, exposing them to the sun without protection heightens your risk for this issue.

Worse yet, there’s no cure for AMD. Generally, you can’t recover the vision you lose. So if you want to safeguard your ability to see clearly as you get older, start consistently wearing sunglasses now. 

Getting sunglasses with UV protection

Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection and make it a habit to wear them anytime you’re going to be outdoors. The sun doesn’t have to be unobstructed for UV rays to get through. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation recommends wearing sunglasses even on overcast or hazy days.

Here at Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates, we can help you find sunglasses with the UV protection you need. They can be stylish, too. We offer sunglasses from all of the following brands:

  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • MCM
  • Nike
  • Nine West
  • RayBans
  • Safilo
  • Sean Jean
  • Shiseido
  • Ted Baker
  • Tom Ford
  • Tura 

In other words, we can help you find a pair of protective sunglasses that are both fashionable and functional. To add this accessory to your summertime routine — and to defend against macular degeneration in the process — visit our office to shop your options. To set up a time to come in, call our office or book an appointment online today.