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Adjusting to Life with Contacts: A Guide for Beginners

Mar 02, 2024
Adjusting to Life with Contacts: A Guide for Beginners
Congratulations! You’ve got your first pair of contacts and you’re ready to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of clear vision without eyeglasses. Discover some practical tips for easily adjusting to life with contacts.

Congratulations! You’ve got your first pair of contacts and now you can participate in your favorite activities without worry that your glasses will get in the way, slide off your face, or get lost altogether. While you may be excited about your new contact lenses – and rightly so, since they come with a multitude of benefits – you may also need some time to adjust to wearing them. 

Below, our team at Edwin Y. Endo, OD & Associates offers a few tips on adjusting to life with contacts. Here’s how to make the most out of your new lenses. 

Wear your contacts for the recommended time each day

When you leave our office with your new prescription contact lenses, keep in mind that it’s completely normal for your eyes to adjust to wearing them for many hours a day. If you’ve only ever worn glasses before, it’s a good idea to wear your contacts for a few hours each day. You can work up to wearing them for a full day, or as we’ve prescribed, over time. 

Many people adjust to wearing contacts quickly, but if your eyes tend to get dry, you may need to take a gradual approach.

Keep your eyes hydrated

To avoid dry eyes when wearing your new contacts, keep your eyes lubricated. Rewetting drops – either ones we’ve prescribed or over-the-counter eye drops for contact lenses – can help keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable. 

We custom-fit your lenses to the shape of your eye and to your vision needs, so they’re as comfortable as possible. However, at first, having contacts in your eyes may feel uncomfortable since they are essentially a foreign object in your eyes. But, keeping your eyes lubricated can ease any discomfort and allow you to adjust to wearing contacts for several hours each day. 

Pop your contacts into your eyes in the morning

One of the easiest ways to help your eyes adjust to wearing contacts, especially when it comes to your vision, is to wear your contacts first thing in the morning. You might actually see more clearly through your prescription glasses, but if you pop your contacts into your eyes before you begin your day, rather than wearing your glasses first, your eyes can adjust more easily, for both optimal vision and comfort. 

Clean or replace your lenses as directed

It’s important to keep your contacts clean. Use only your contact solution to clean and store them when you’re not wearing them. Keeping your lenses clean also helps maintain comfort. 

Many types of contacts, including those made for people with astigmatism, come in daily disposables. That means you won’t have to clean them each day, but instead, you’ll put a fresh pair of lenses in your eyes each time. 

Only wear your contacts for the indicated time. It’s not a good idea to wear daily disposable lenses more than once. These lenses aren’t made to last indefinitely, but rather to give you a fresh, clean pair each day. That’s one of the reasons many people find disposable lenses so convenient and comfortable. 

Whether you choose daily disposables, rigid gas permeable lenses, or another type of contacts, you’ll find that life with contacts is convenient and easy, once you get the hang of it. You can always wear your glasses at the end of the day, or if you’re working on the computer for long hours, to help prevent your eyes from drying out. But, it’s great to have the option of contacts for leisure activities, formal occasions, and improved vision without glasses, anytime. 

Want to learn more about prescription contacts for yourself or a family member? Give us a call at our Aiea, Hawaii, office, or book your visit with our contact lens experts online today.